This is a start on a Working Bibliography on IMAGINAL ART.  Reading a bibliography can beFUN.  Best to print it out, if you feel the need -  or can afford the paper - and make notes next to items that interest you the most.  This allows us to create a sort of map - excavated, so to speak, from the whole list.  It informs us about our central  preoccupations.  [ONLINE HERE]

Regards, Samten Cape Town, 23rd October 2018. 


“Collective, democratic educational practices work to bridge social barriers, spark discourse between popular and sub-cultures, promote the goals of social justice, and empower youth with meaningful knowledge and methods of unrestricted exploration

   New models of art education should examine both present and future terrains, relevant past practices used in the production of art, and other forms of visual and material culture. Contemporary art education should look to global perspectives on teaching practice, process, and production via traditional and emergent media and topics.

   Artists are often drawn to the positive intrinsic rewards of creating and perceiving aesthetic forms. Involvement with aesthetic forms leads to a transformation of consciousness and added awareness of a larger global society. Art communicates and links cultures together in collective experiences of visual and material culture. Thinking like an artist invites insightful and multivalent ways of seeing. Art educators should promote curricula that educate body mind, and spirit.”


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NOTE:  The Critical Visual Art Education Club (or CVAE Club) convened in the summer of 2009 out of a need to enhance dialogue with area art educators. We are a small community of like-minded art scholars, writers, practitioners, activists, and artists living and working in Chicago.

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As work continues with the ongoing project ART & SPIRITUALITY, the research of Jewell Homad Johnson on Robert Motherwell [1915 – 1991) [ROBERT MOTHERWELL @ WIKIPEDIA]  is a welcome discovery. An article/paper and her main thesis are here:

Jewell Homad Johnson, The Modern Artist As Spiritual Adept [University of Sydney]  ONLINE HERE at her Academia page.

And her main ACADEMIA PAGE.

Jewell Homad Johnson, Robert Motherwell: the artist the spiritual the modern. A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts (Research) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - University of Sydney May 24, 2015. [ONLINE HERE]

Then, directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak: Robert Motherwell, The modern painter’s world”, Revisiones, n.º 6 (2010), pp. 69-78.  [ONLINE HERE]

And a Documentary:   Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) STORMING THE CITADEL [ONLINE HERE ON YOU TUBE]

Dedalus Foundation was set up by Robert Motherwell in 1981 to educate the public by fostering public understanding of modern art and modernism through its support of research, education, publications, and exhibitions in this field. [WEBSITE HERE]

A Study of Spirituality in Contemporary Visual Art and Foundations Funding
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