Lopez-Pedraza, Rafael, Dionysus in Exile, On the Repression of the Body and Emotion, Chiron Publications, Illinois, 2000.
"This kind of exuberant Titanic virility can be imagined in warfare throughout history, wherein soldiers
"The excess of the Titans, as the Greeks viewed it, can be seen in action in today's Titanism." P. 7

In Shivaite Tantrism. "hero" (vira) is the name given to initiates who through practising Yoga, have acquired the strength to dominate, both the physical world and the subtle world of spirits. Thus they are able to vanquish the gods and to conquer heaven. These are the men who have become demigods.

Alain Danielou, Shiva and Dionysus, p.109

Battle Dome: Bizzare Sports Show; MTN Gladiators; Extreme Adventures; WCW Wrestling; Survivor; not to mention the attributes of raw titanism that inhabit the likes of Sly Stallone; Arnold Schwartzeneger; Jean-Claude van Damme & Co.

"Oceanus and Tethys, the titans who ruled the outer seas before being replaced by Poseidon. Atlas (`he who dares' or `suffers'; from the Indo-European tel-, tla-, `to lift, support, bear'), another titan, led their war against the gods, and was afterward condemned by Zeus to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. "

There is a titan - Pleaides connection:

"The Pleiad(e)s were the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione…"

"This Atlas, one of the fabled giants associated with the larger bear, was the father of the Seven Sisters now translated to the Pleiades. Six of these well-known stars are plainly visible in the shoulder of the Bull; and keen eyes can see the seventh, and perhaps the eighth and ninth, Atlas and Pleione. father and mother of the famous girls."

C.C.Zain, Spiritual Astrology, the Decan Ursa Major.

"The legendary stories about giants such as Goliath, the Cyclopes and the Titans have their explanation in the zodiac in that point where the Sun reaches highest, the summer-solstice; and their application to the life of man in reference to the ruthless use of reason and the development of selfish greed. These giants, however, are not pictured in the sky, but are known only through their relation to zodiacal position. They are destructive attributes which loom large upon the world’s horizon. Yet there is another attribute which is even more far reaching, which is still more powerful for evil, and which is even more difficult to vanquish than these various types of selfishness. Its common name is Discord."

C.C.Zain, Spiritual Astrology, the Decan Cetus.

"Why and how did Zeus become the first among his brothers and sisters? Why Zeus? And why Zeus for rescuing the world from the Titans? I think it was neither his strength, his thunderbolts, his wily cleverness, nor his law and order, but rather his wide imagination.When we look at his dozen or more matings and his progeny - Apollo, Hermes, Dionysos, Hercules, Perseus, Artemis, Athene and others - he clearly could imagine these existential possibilities, these styles of consciousness. His range of fantasy was comprehensive, large, generous, and differentiated. He was indeed a sky god; he covered all with his breadth of imagining power, equal in articulated grandeur to titanic enormity. Titanic hugeness can only be encompassed and contained by an equally large capacity of image-making."

James Hillman, And Huge is Ugly, Resurgence No.134.

Venus also appears as the planetary correspondence to the two great archetypal Titans of Water - OCEANUS AND TETHYS, and their animal symbol of the FISH.
"Why the dialectical rhythm of the One and the Many should be invested with such fearful ritualistic emotions was explained quite clearly and sensibly by Proclus. These fables, he said, serve the purpose ' that we may not only exercise the intellectual part of the soul through contending reasons, but that the divine [intuitive] part of thc soul may more perfectly receive the knowledge of beings through its sympathy with more mystic concerns. For, from other [rational] discourses we appear similar to those who are [soberly] compelled to the reception of truth; but from fables we suffer in an effable manner . . . venerating the mystic information which they contain. 19 Pico also made it a practice thus to twist abruptly a seemingly rational figure of speech into a violent myth, as when he compared 'the art of discourse or reasoning' first to the steps of a ladder, and then added that on those steps 'we shall sometimes descend, with titanic force rending the unity like Osiris into many parts, and we shall sometimes ascend, with the force of Phoebus collecting the parts like the limbs of Osiris into a unity'.20 The static image of a ladder, incongruously combined with the agony and resurrection of Osiris, produces that ambiguous state of understanding in which reason becomes charged with ritual."

Edgar Wind , Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance, Chapter VIII, p. 134.

What is interesting in this quote from Edgar Wind, is that the descent into fragmentatation is seen as titanic, while the ascent into integration is related to the Gods, in this case, the example of Osiris.