"Cabiri, certain deities held in the greatest veneration at Thebes, Lemnos, Macedonia, and Phrygia, but more particularly in the islands of Samothrace and Imbros. The number of these deities is uncertain. Some say there are only two, Jupiter and Bacchus; others mention three, some four, Aschieros, Achiochersa, Achiochersus, and Camillus. It is unkown where their worship was first established; yet Phoenicia seems to be the place according to Sanchoniathon, and from thence it was introduced into Greece by the Pelasgi. The festivals or mysteries of the Cabiri, were celebrated with the greatest solemnity at Samothrace, where all the ancient heroes and prices were generally initiated, as their power seemed to be great in protecting persons from shipwreck and storms. The obscenities which prevailed in the celebration have obliged the authors of every country to pass over them in silence, and say that it was unlawful to reveal them. These deities are often confounded with the Corybantes, Anaces, Dioscuri, &c. and according to Herodotus, Vulcan was their father. This author mentions the sacrilege which Cambyses committed in entering their temple, and turning to ridicule their sacred mysteries. They were supposed to preside over metals."


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