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Alchemical Texts

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The Alchemy Virtual Library

Starting with the most famous, and also one of the shortest of all alchemichal texts:

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus (9K)

with the commentary found in The Glory of the World.

From there, to another great classic:

The Secret Book of Artephius (57K)

said to contain some of the deepest secrets of alchemy.

Then to treasure texts from Waites' Hermetic Museum. A chest of jewels, in particular because quite readable (compared to many other texts).

The Golden Tract (92K)

The Golden Age Restored (31K)

The Sophic Hydrolith (112K)

A demonstration of Nature (43K)

A Short Tract, or Philosophical Summary by Nicholas Flamell (14K)

The Only True Way (32K)

The Glory of the World (170K)

A Tract of Great Price (27K)

The Book of Alze (23K)

The Book of Lambspring (coming soon).

The Golden Tripod (85K)

The New Chemical Light, Part 1 by Michael Sendivogus (72K)

The New Chemical Light, Part 2 by Michael Sendivogus (73K)

An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King (76K)

A Subtle Allegory Concerning the Secrets of Alchemy by Michael Maier (76K)

The Three Treatises of Philalethes:

1.      The Metamorphosis of Metals (44K)

2.      A Short Vade Macum to the Clelestial Ruby (35K)

3.      The Fount of Chemical Truth (22K)

Helvetius' Golden Calf (56K)

Leaving the Hermetic Museum for one of the great classics of alchemy:

The Turba Philosophorum (156K)

The Six Keys of Eudoxus attributed to Hermes Trismegistus (26K)

The Sophic Fire by John Pontanus (7K)

A Short Catechism of Alchemy, founded on a manual of Paracelsus preserved in the Vatican Library (47K)

The Golden Treatise of Hermes Trismegistus Concerning the Physical Secret of the Philosopher's Stone. With commentary by Mary Anne Atwood. (78K)

A few parables from the Splendor Solis , another of the great classics of alchemy. (78K)

While in the parables:

The Allegory of the Fountain by Bernard Trevisan. (17K)

And also:

The Meadow of Happiness (21K)

Jean Dauge French Alchemy Site - Fulcanelli:


Stephan Lafreniere:



Adam McLean.


Address: 15 Kier Street Glasgow, G41 2NP United Kingdom. Tel: (0141) 429.5614




di Michela Pereira
html di Francesco Di Pietro


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di Michela Pereira
html di Francesco Di Pietro



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