Friday May 6th 2005

Dear Friends,

Hoping all is well as the Winter approaches. I am currently at Redhouse, on the Swartkops River, just outside Port Elizabeth . . . and plan to return to Cape Town A.S.A.P.  Previous to this a period in Johannesburg and the Soutpansberg. 

THE ANNE BARING VISIT TO CAPE TOWN has come and gone - with various components emerging out of the visit . . .  a radio Interview with Hilary Reynolds was broadcast, but sadly I did not get the date in time to inform you . . and likewise I do not know when the FREE SPIRIT Interview will be televised either. . In the meanwhile, do visit her excellent Website at:


Steven has asked me to put my finger in the organizational pie, which I will do from the vantage point of my laptop. There are plans for a weekend workshop in NIEU BETHESDA on the first weekend of October . . . a magnificent Karoo setting for  a few days . . . let me know if you want to be there . . .there is already interest . . .  now for a ramble through the recent pre-occupations of my mind . . . with not much structure but with a wealth of interesting material

Love and Peace

Samten  [ And remember! Click on the Blue Bits when Online!]


For years, the research that has inspired a mere mortal such as muself, has always emerged from the WARBURG INSTITUTE in London . .  FRANCES YATES   was an idol of fascination for many years, and     JEAN SEZNEC  is always at my side in the form of his great  work:  here are a few resources to point in the direction of the interface between culture and spirituality . . 

Fritz Saxl was almost a legend for his creative “tilling [of] the soil on the borderstrip between art history, literature, science and religion” (to use his own words) …… 

…..Abby Warburg’s vision of an historical psychology of expression devoted to antiquity’s persistent strains of knowledge and image affecting both Orient and Occident.


Frances A. Yates resources on the Web

Jorn Barger October 2002


Aby Warburg (1866-1929). The Survival of an Idea  

By Mathias Bruhn. An excellent introduction to Aby Warburg and the History of the Warburg Library

A Brief History Of Paper

This is here because I developed an interest in this subject and have a wonderful article - if you wish on Chinese Paper . . ask . . 


The first official document recording the presence of paper manufacturing in Fabriano dates back to 1283, and is the deed of a public notary recording the purchase of a house by a "carthaio" or paper maker, with another six paper makers called as witnesses.

The Return of Odysseus and the Elements of Euclid

This paper was written by Andrew Wiesner and submitted to the classics department of the Colorado College in May of 1994. For those with some Euclidian proclivities plus myth . . .

TALES OF APOLLO . . .  see the Sun God Apollo and His/Her Myths!

R. B. ONIANS, as M.L. von Franz saw, is a mine of extra-ordinary information . . . Norman O. Brown, in his book Love's Body, writes this:

- "In the unconscious, cerebral is genital. The word cerebralis from the same root as Ceres, goddess of cereals, of growth and fertility; the same root as cresco, to grow, and creo, to create. Onians, archaeologist of language, who uncovers lost worlds of meaning, buried meanings, has dug up a prehistoric image of the body, according to which the head and genital intercommunicate via the spinal column: the gray matter of the brain, the spinal marrow, and the seminal fluid are all one identical substance, on tap in the genital and stored in the head."
And here you can see how to get the Onians book:

The Origins of European Thought : About the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the World, Time and Fate
by R. B. Onians "How do Homeric notions of the main processes of conciousness differ from our own?..." (more)


A superb website . . . 


Recently seen on DVD a Movie though not new - K-PAX   -   British director Iain Softley's first Hollywood movie, with Kevin Spacey & Jeff Bridges. There is a wonderful scene where a patient in the ward asks Prot the Hero: “What’s my last test.”  And Prot answers:

 “To stay here and be prepared for anything.” 

I thought that wise enough advice to add to a signature. Then, be prepared to go somewhere in the Edges of the Lord (2001) Directed by Yurek Bogayevicz  also available on DVD at the moment  . . .  

Our dear old friend Anderson Bakewell - donated his collection of 55 tapes from Balochistan (Pakistan), Chinese Turkestan, Yemen, Turkey, and Xianjiang (China), made by Anderson Bakewell between  1983-1991 to the BLSA. A selection of the recordings from Balochistan (Pakistan) are released on Topic/IMC as TCSD916 Music of Makran: Traditional Fusion from coastal Balochistan.

The British Library Sound Archive - World and Traditional Music: South Asian ethnographic collections



Dear Sam, maybe this is of interest for you!  Love  Chris. January 19, 2005 1



Hester Stetnberg of GANORA GUEST FARM, in the Karoo, outside Nieu Bethesda,   is keen to open her facilities for workshops, spiritual groups and others . . . the Farm is set in an ancient telluric depression, with Dinosaur fossils, going back 20 million years, and sacred Bushmen sites. This Project needs help to give the energy some shape, but we would need geomantic and fengu shui consultaion. . .  perhaps Stephen Karcher would advise in October . . 

Dr. Joscelyn Godwin, author of a wide range of marvelous books,  has kindly sending me a copy of his latest book, entitled: "The Real Rule of Four"  - we met in Prague and keep in touch through similar interests, especially esoteric currents in the Renaissance. Deeper journies into the Da Vinci Code Area! So see:

Quotron. The Da Vinci Code. Myth Making for the Second Coming - presented by Kenneth Warren , May 2, 2004 


This from last year: Turin, Italy:  October 10, 2004

Then something very strange also happened a few weeks ago. As you know, I am a great believer in synchronicities . . .  [1] firstly, I went with Ugo Fama, my Jungian therapist friend to the Staffardia Abbey, south or Turin, beautiful 15th century Cistercian cloisters, where in one of the cellars, a rare colony of migrant bats hang out, so to speak. They are even protected by a World Wildlife Foundation poster on the medieval door, and within the darkness we could hear a lot of shrill tittering going on.  [2] A few weeks later, we went to an artist friend, Sergio Minero, in  the courtside north of Turin, and he had painted four bats  on the corners of one of the frames of a new painting. Recently, [3] I did the Jamie Sams Medicine Cards, up came BAT, on the left hand side.  [4] The exiting bit: I woke up one night, with a strange sound and felt that someone might be intruding downstairs. . . I even smoked a cigarette out of the window . . . with the unidentifiable sound still  no closer to clarification. Eventually, back in bed, I realised the sound was coming from in the room, so I switched the bedside lamp on . . . and then, flying around the ceiling in some panic, was a BAT! Well, I immediately put the light out, and draping one of those printed Indian bedspreads over my head, in case it got entangled in my hair . . . opened the windows wide . . . and lay back in the bed to observe what would happen. Eventually, it circled the room lower and I could see it silhouetted against the light coming in from the window . . . then I clearly saw a second bat coming in through the window,  and slowly the two of them circled the room, both passing in front of the window. At that point, I could see that the one was small and the other bigger, and I knew that a pup had come into the room and  his mother was there to help him out! Eventually after a few minutes they both flew out of the window, like ships in the night with their sails unfurled. The room was pervaded with a great sense of peace and I fell asleep.


That night I dreamt of inspecting a old house that I was going to rent. My mother was with me and she approved of the decision. But she said nothing. In fact she was more like a shadow, radiating a great warmth, a comfort, a protective veil, that only mothers can offer.  As the days passed, I came to understand that my mother and the Bat Mother, were one and the same. She was an archetypal shade, bringing necessary germination from the warm of the unconscious. There is a key in the words: “…she said nothing . . .” because the gift that she brought was no …’thing’ ..ness.  The anima does not bring “things’ for it is the no-‘things’ that are the profound activators of the psyche.

TONY VAND DER VEEN SUBMITTED: Subject: Phillips Digital Arts Festival Winner

Wait for the web page to load and then pass your mouse over the image a few times, hold it on him and see what happens!!!  Finally, leave the mouse over the nose of the image.  This website won first prize in the Phillips Digital Arts Festival. 



Heavenly Father, Help us remember that the jerk who cut us off in traffic  last night, is a single mother who worked nine hours that day & is rushing home  to cook dinner, help with homework, do the laundry & spend a few precious  moments with her children.


Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man who  can't make change correctly, is a worried 19-year-old college student,  balancing his  apprehension over final exams with his fear of not getting his student  loans for next semester.


Remind us, Lord, that the scary looking bum, begging for money in the same  spot every day (who really ought to get a job!) is a slave to addictions that we  can only imagine in our worst nightmares.


Help us to remember that the old couple walking annoyingly slow through the  store aisles & blocking our shopping progress, are savoring this moment,  knowing that, based on the biopsy report she got back last week, this will be the  last year that they go shopping together.


Heavenly Father, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us, the  greatest gift is love. It is not enough to share that love with those we hold  dear. Open our hearts not to just those who are close to us, but to all  humanity.


Let us be slow to judge and quick to forgive, show patience, empathy and  love.


"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's  when I really need it."

In the world at large and in these regions in particular,
May not even the names 'sickness', 'despair' and 'war' be heard.
May the meritorious qualities, honour and prosperity of those who act in accord with Dharma greatly increase,
And may there always be an absolute perfection of good fortune, happiness and auspicious circumstances.

"The human mind is essentially clear and lucid, but we forget its true nature under the influence of various negative emotions and desires. Only when the mind is tranquil and calm can one see through the illusory. It is only then that one can realize the truth and meaning of existence." 
His Holiness Orgyen Trinley Dorje, The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa


Out of This World The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas


Pluto is in Sagittarius from November 1995 through most of 2009 stimulating transformations in religion, philosophy, world affairs, higher education, and publishing such as the World Wide Web. This generation is adventurous, free-thinking, expansive and intensely interested in world affairs and philosophy.

At this time it would be merely speculation to say what Pluto will be like in the signs Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, but as the last three universal signs, there could be transformations through large social and collective movements.

The Fleur-de-Lis  In Heraldry and History




The Dance of JesuShiva   -   Kerry A. Shirts

Just very delicious pictures to lookat:



"Some Religion He Must Have": Slaves, Sufism, and Conversion to Islam at the Cape

John Edwin Mason [ Department of History, University of Virginia.] 

Arundhati Roy: “Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy, Buy One Get One Free”

Presented in New York City at The Riverside Church, May 13, 2003

 Some of you will think it bad manners for a person like me, officially entered in the Big Book of Modern Nations as an "Indian citizen," to come here and criticize the U.S. government. Speaking for myself, I'm no flag-waver, no patriot, and am fully aware that venality, brutality, and hypocrisy are imprinted on the leaden soul of every state. But when a country ceases to be merely a country and becomes an empire, then the scale of operations changes dramatically. So may I clarify that tonight I speak as a subject of the American Empire? I speak as a slave who presumes to criticize her king . . . 


Acceptance Speech by Bianca Jagger

And Last But No Least a Shimmering Selection of Various Feedback:

April 07, 2005

Pluto: great!  Lisa Chason


Website: Excellent! Congrats! love Alice Howell


Wonderful news and thanks for Rumi's lovely quote. thanks for keeping in touch love,  Shena


Thanks for your ongoing emails. Am really enjoying the emails and contact. Hope you're feeling regenerated. love prem. March 09, 2005  

you are a gift, samten! thanks for sharing your gifts with us all so selfless. i forward your gifts widely to friends & networks here & elsewhere. with universal love, always,

Greetings Samten, I am already enjoying the CD - it's marvellous! And thank you also for the beautiful postcards. Overall I feel enriched. Good wishes, Petra.
Very interesting our media do not give the insight or detail. Cheers, Gavin Lawson.
dear Samtem - you continue to be innovative!   love   erika
Wow, Sam! Thank you! You are a veritable fount of bounty! Anonymous?
I like your quote "The old is discarded..."  Anne Emslie
Thanks for the wonderful information. Sheila Fugard
Thanks Sam for all the interesting stuff to read havent had time to get through all of it yet. Cheers, Gavin.
Hi - just to say thank you for the great stuff you bring into far flung lives.."sterkte!"  regards, Bon
My dear man, Wishing you every blessing in the future for your birthday. I don' t know the exact day, but may it be good! Light and love. Clive. PS Look forward to meeting you in Cape Town.
Thanks for the interesting reading, Samten. Love  Terry

I have also just finished reading the Colour book  by Victoria Findlay and found it, like you very interesting indeed.

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. Love Margie. Hennig

Hello Samten   Nice to hear you are back in South Africa .  I have really enjoyed reading your letters from Italy – but guess it is time to get some southern hemisphere sunshine.  Hope you have a good time in the Eastern  Cape . Jane Warren

would be nice to see you too. I still have fond memories of our meetings in the early 70s. Children of Atlantis etc GUS FERGUSON.


Hope the years to come bring joy, fruition, kind friendships, warm hearths and hearts and open hands and minds. Mike Dickman & Family.

May the cosmos spread her loving wings of peace and good health and joy over, in and through your life. May the perfumes of contentment fill your every day. Have a lovely lovely day and a truly happy, healthy and financially successful Birthday year.Love, Ingride


A very happy birthday to you you, old dearie!!! Tonebone

Hey, Sam isn’t it yr birthday some time around now? In which case, Happy Birthday from all of us!  and aren’t you due in our neck of the woods soon? BTW Thanks for, especially, the Roy piece – very interesting & informative. I also enjoyed the others – paper (but what about Egypt & papyrus?) and the piece on translation, most fascinating. Love Mike

ART AUCTION . . Lisa Chason in Illinois, asked me to contribute a Postcard sized Art Work to an Exhibition she set up to raise funds for politically active projects. I sent her an oil painting on card & gauze . . . and was happy to hear that it raised the highest bidding at the Auction: Here is her letter:
Hello Samten--
We had the postcards for peace art auction yesterday. I was the auctioneer; around 200 people were there; there were over 100 pieces of art plus good music and great atmosphere. Your piece was framed in a beautiful cherrywood frame with egg-shell matting. The description of gauze/penis/tumour/Buddhist/ash was posted next to it on the wall. Come auction time it was a very hot item. Where most items sold for $30 - $40 yours went for $70. I was happy to think that someone you didn't know, all the way over here in central Illinois, was going to end up having it, but the last person to bid $65 was not someone who is so sympatico so I cast the final bid and now am thrilled that we shall be its caretakers.
With the money we made we'll be sending a trainload of people to Washington, DC to protest at Bush's inauguration in January, we'll bring other speakers to town (like last week on Veterans Day from Military Families Opposing the War in Iraq), we'll continue to make available buttons and bumper stickers and flags and lawn signs for people to express their outrage at the policies being carried out in their name, etc, etc. The group that organized the auction, AWARE (Anti-War Anti Racism Effort), is one of the most popular and effective grassroots groups in town and now you've tangibly contributed, and Jan and I (he doesn't know yet -- he's away in Brazil for 2 weeks) have another piece of you in our lives.
thanks again and mucho love,   Lisa