September 21, 2005

Dear Samten

Thank you so much for sharing this article with us! I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments regarding National Geographic’s very sensasionalistic graphic ‘kill’ orientation. I will forward this further!

Warm regards

Anna & Maryna. Sophea Gallery & Tibetan Teahouse, " food for body & soul " e-mail:


September 14, 2005

thoughtful article which i support wholely.  Please note new email address regards,  Rosemary Smuts.
Director: Caring Network   -   Tel No: +27 21 6894225   -   Email :   -   Website;

September 14, 2005

Built for the Kill is precisely the kind of TV programme I avoid as contaminating.  Besides, I hate anything that reflects animal life as "brutal, nasty and short" or depicts cruelty or violence.  Still, I can't claim to be going bugs about bugs - I tolerate ants as part of the domestic landscape; some people I know are constantly wanting to eradicate them as dirty (which they are not), like spiders which keep away flies and other flying insects.  I found a huge beetle outside my office that had died and been sundried, and I sent it to my granddaughter in the US and she and all the kids at her preschool went nuts over it, so I suppose we should never lose our child-like awe of Nature.  But there is a great social and cultural pressure among humans to be 'grown-up' - even teenagers can't wait to be 'grown-up' - and, hell, what a forking waste of time that is - it is like excising part of one's mental capacity in order apparently to be able to think rationally.  And we all know where that has recently taken us - into the depths of suicide bombers who only want to be commemorated  with their photo as an honourable comrade among others in an Islamic fundamentalist rag sheet!  What ambition!  

Manton Hirst

An exciting novelist i have recently discovered is Haruki Murakami. You might enjoy his latest novel, Kafka on the Shore.

Terry Volbrecht

Monday, July 18, 2005

 December 24, 2004

Dear Samten,
I always appreciate receiving your emails and investigations! Here are some neopagan notes I am sending friends as a Xmas greeting. Let me know if you come by Paris.
Very best wishes  
Enrique Pardo   -   PANTHEATRE   -   Myth and Theatre Festival   -   124 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 PARIS. Tel 33 (0)1 48 06 32 35.

“The cash enclosed is small compensation for your magnificent CD which I truly treasure. Thank you! Much Love, Petra 

Nancy Mozur – alchemical paintings.

Thanks for this info.  I found an interesting exhibition with her work. Adam Mclean

Joanne Taylor  in Dublin writes: Hi Samten, thought you would like to see one of my 'archetype' paintings!

have you explored  - it is a mine of inspiration.

I just wondered if you could put a link to my art work on your galleries section - it is

Some nice art and well made site. Tony van der Veen

Dear Samten,

Even though you do not hear a lot from me, I DO enjoy receiving you emails!  Sophia Lugt,   Johannesburg, April 19, 2004 

Don't know if you know

 If not, it's worth adding to your list.   Michael Dickman, Paris. 

About the Worldwatch Institute: The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organization that works for an environmentally sustainable and socially just society, in which the needs of all people are met without threatening the health of the natural environment or the well-being of future generations. For more information, visit us on the web at 

Isandla Institute.

Saskia Boonzaaier


Progreen ran the first ever Permaculture courses in SA after bringing Bill Mollison, the father of Permaculture, to introduce the principles in 1991. These courses have developed annually and hundreds of people from all walks of life agree that they are "the most practical", "exciting", "life changing",  "inspiring", "positive", "fillled with new knowledge", "empowering" courses (in the words of participants). Progreen is involved in the development of the curricula and unit standards for SETA registration of Permaculture which is in process.

 Contact Jeunesse Park on (011) 784 6399 or email for more information. Please see the Rustlers Valley website for more information on the venue 

hi sam, hope life is generous with you and all is at the best. thanks for sending me your precious works which I always memorize in a dedicated file.

lots of love marcella, Turin, Italy.

Subject: RE: Samten on the Mandala
February 25, 2004

Dear Samten - Thank you very much for the gems of information. I really do appreciate it.  With good wishes JAMIE (OLIVIER, Kalk Bay

Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 5:56 PM
Subject: Re: Samten on the Mandala

Dear Samten,
I am blown away by your Mandala site!  At 84 it isn't easy to get dropped back into those states of being that once flowed with more ease.  I weep (with joy) to receive this confirmation that my lifelong innermost awarenesses, held in fear and trembling since the years of youth, are seen, not just by me but by others - far more clearly than I was ever able to achieve.  THANK YOU!  I wish I could bear to work intellectually with yours as an ally - but I suspect I'm past it - because of the intensity of the feelings - but in actuality, I suspect, because my task is to work the best I can, in the area where the rubber hits the road.  I. E., on a people level.  In the Malkhuth.  But I will glance upward as I work, seeing the clear blue of the sky above - seeing the GOLD that represents the light of earthly life. 

Mary Leue.     Down-to-Earth Books, Ashfield,  USA.   /   /   /


An excellent academic bibliography on Trickster, with a lot of references to DIVINATION as well ...

"The outer and the inner are one thing,
one constellation,
one influence,
one concordance,
one fruit. "


Paracelsus: Selected Writings, Jolande Jacobi. ed. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1979)

February 03, 2004

Subject: from the white of my life

thank you, dear Samten, for your excepts of such extraordinary inspiration..  hope you are well, and in peace, much love  Jennifer  Ferguson
Tim Berners-Lee inventor of World Wide Web. Born and raised in London, ruled by Gemini -  

 "...the family was also respectful of spiders: Mary Berners-Lee hung cotton threads down into the bath tub so fallen spiders could scale the smooth sides."

Scientific American, December 1997, Vol. 227 No.6. p.21.

In response to: "The work of  Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, still deserves wider attention." Alice A. Howell writes:

I agree!! My two books printed in Switzerland are falling apart. A new edit avail from but it is costly. Also a video avail. 
Thanks for info! love ao

Left Brain/Right Brain

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make
clockwise circles.
Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right

Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it.

Sent in by Manton Hirst, Stutterheim, S.A.

Adi Cloete, our friend in Cape Town, who won a Commonwealth Busary to study jewelry in India sent a fascinating letter perfumed with the flavours of India - here is a sample:

at the institute i am busy doing a project with a class of students, that involves beading. the project is to make a bracelet, combining beading and kundan( traditional indian style of setting) : and the theme of inspiration is oriental.... combination of 3 different cultural inspirations! the students love the beading ! and have started to do their own explorations, coming up with some rather fun ideas! also gives me a bit of a chance to get to know some of them better. and i now have invitations to visit just about all over india: i must just say when, cause this one has family in this city, and that one has friends  there.... somehow i have a feeling( and a big hope!!!) that this is not my last visit to this wonderful country!
we also had a demo from a kardigar( hindi for craftsman) , showing us how to do a kundan setting. quite a process!  layers gold foil is gently rubbed around the stone, again and again, and yet again till stone is set! very old technique. very time consuming and patient process!
have ordered my own set of tools to do this, maybe in future....

Dear Hugh,

Do you know this website? Give your approval, Yea or Nay?



Science & Spirit

“Connecting, science, religion and life,” Science and Spirit seeks “to encourage dialogue between science and religion.”  Visit the website to subscribe or read selected articles from the current issue

Hi Samten
Had a quick look - had not seen it before. I still like Wilber's evolutionary model of consciousness (insofar as rationality can "explain" spirit, which is not very far) where matter is least evolved and spirit is both the highest (via matter--> body--> mind --> soul --> spirit) but also the very ground of all levels. Science (by here I mean "small" science as generally understood, dealing with measurement of matter), is inherently dualistic (observer and observed) and as far from "spirit" as you can get. Science, therefore, can never "explain" spirit or ever provide a satisfying model - spirit cannot be modelled. How do you model that which transcends rationality? Nevertheless there are reproducible correspondences between (subjective) spiritual experiences and (objective) experimentally observable physical phenomena. For the example the brain scans done on an accomplished lama where he described each of 5 different meditation states that he was going to practice and the brain patterns for each were different but exactly reproducible. Conscious awareness is the first reality - everything else is secondary and "derived". Absolute and relative - the two views - both valid.
So what am I trying to say - theorising (science) is easy, fun, temporary and not truly liberating; practice (meditation, letting go of attachment and aversion) is difficult but (according to the masters) leads to true liberation. "Are you still beating Cheryl - answer yea or nay?" Not a fair question is it?
I will try to remember to copy some pertinent pages from Wilber's "Marriage of sense and soul" which teases out the relatively few variations on the science/spirit debate and very clearly puts them into perspective. The solution, I've just recalled, is that the scientific method (hypothesis, injunction (method) and carrying out the injunction (experiment), observation (of results), validation/falsification of hypothesis) can be applied just as well to subjective (e.g. meditative) experiences. This is broad science. If this site helps lead people to that understanding, and therefore the desire to carry out the injunction (e.g. meditation) to realise spiritual truths, then it gets a "yea" I suppose. My superficial look did not enable me to reach a conclusion.
Hey, I could go on babbling all morning when I should be helping a lady with her rose-preservation project.
Hugh Laue

Thanks For The info   Victoria Finlay, Colour. As usual it is always spot on. Best Regards. Don Searll

02 December 2004

hi samten

it seems that i don't take the time to read your mails, so please delete me from your list. thanks, berenda Dekkers, Amsterdam