Seznac, Gods, p.124:   hieratic meaning of number seven

Arcanum 7, in the Sacred Tarot, is the home of Jupiter/Zeus, and naturally the environment, or ecological site of the Mountain Peak, the 'Lha' Principle from which the REBIS is born:

 The Circulation of Seven Times, through purification by Fire, is the same as the 7 beaks of the Pelican's children, the 7 Halls of the Merkabah Mystics, the 7 Levels of the Vision of the Prophet Mohammed, the Stairway of 7 Steps in Apuleus and Zosimos, the small Ladder of the Ka in ancient Egypt, the Ladders of Raymund Lully, and the Seven Pillars of The House of Wisdom of Solomon, in 'The Memory Theatre.'

It is not so much a ladder in the literal sense, but rather a 'circular chain reaction' of the elements and planetary cycles, as shown in Maier's 'Septima Philosophia' where the eco-cyclic/circulatory process is almost identical to the 'Aurea Catina' - The Golden Chain.

NOTE: The Fire is the energy of the emotion feeling from which the Salamander/Logos - gets away scot-free?

All Circulatory processes, stage by stage, produce the Phoenix.

7 as Number, is intrinsically Androgynous.

20. A strange temple, striped in seven colours stands among the paintings of the Dura synagogue. These seven colours have seemed to reflect the seven planets.


L.I. Conrad, Seven and the Tasbií. On the implications of numerical symbolism for the study of medieval Islamic history, in JESHO, xxxi (1988), 42-73



            This could relate to the `Seven Mouths of the Nile' in Maier's Secrets.

            The Mysteries of Gold are enshrined in Number 21, the Trinity of Seven - physically, it represents the highest possible attainment, the climax of the material condition.

            "The Masonic apron is "formed of a square and a triangle, their combined sides adding up to the number /seven; the numerical significance of seven is the completion of the quest."

Again, the Seven Planets are shown around the heads of the REBIS. It becomes clear through all the associated material that Androgyny is expressed by the number Seven and the permutations thereof, i.e. Four and Three.


            "Mithraic Cameo (Red Jasper).Reverse: A lion with a bee in his mouth; above, seven stars surrounded by magic Greek inscriptions."

            On the Title=page of 'SUMMUM BONUM' by the Rosicrucian Robert Fludd, (1629), a close associate of Michael Maier, we see a rose with seven petals, symbolic of the Seven Planets and Seven phases of transmutation, with bees flying towards and sitting on it. A beehive is to be seen on the right. (Fig.29 in Jung, P.& A.)

            There are actually seven circles of seven petals on this Rose. A Latin heading: 'DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS' translates as "The Rose gives the Bees Honey." The Rose is a Mandala form. The seven concentric circles of Seven Petals, or the Seven Squared is the Number 49, featured in the Great Seal of Dr John Dee. The Seven Petals are again, the Seven Pillars of the House of Wisdom of Solomon, again arranged into 49 sections as seen in The Memory Theatre of Guilio Camillo.


            The bee is an adjunct to pollination and fertilization in the plant kingdom - thus bees pollinating flowers, the `busy bee' and the `worker bee' well illustrate the "laborious dwarfs" as in `Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". (Hey Ho, Hey Ho, its Home form Work we go!). The Rose and the Bee are associated with Venus. The dwarfs penetrate the earth and caves for the precious metals - the bees penetrate the flowers for the pollen - thus both have sexual and phallic connotations. .

The Seven Planets, (Containing the Seven) or ;

The `Monas Hieroglyphicus * lacuna... shown within an Egg, and also contained within it, the Seven Planetary Spheres.

SEVEN - The Seven alchemical Metals; the Seven Deadly Sins.

The 10 Planets.

Structurally, the Bardo Thodol is founded on the symbolical squaring of the number 7, that is: 7 x 7 = 49. There are Seven Worlds in some Gnostic systems, and seven degrees of Maya within Samsara, constituted as the 7 Globes of a Planetary Chain. On each globe there are seven rounds of evolution making the 49 Stations of Existence.

The elements create two sets of polar opposites, defining a fifth point, the common Centre to all Four, which is usually associated with SPACE or Ether, in some meta-grammars.By adding the projections of Height (The Zenith) and Depth (The Nadir) - making the model stereoscopic, or quodroscopic, we have the number SEVEN: i.e. :




"Cronos gave Egypt to Tautos (Thoth) as his realm); this, says he (Philo Byblius), the children of Sydek - the seven Cabiri, and their brother Asclepius making the eight - were the first of all to record, as the god Tauthos ordered them." .

Another version of this fragment is in G.R.S.Mead:

"And Cronus (Ammon) going to the land of the South gave the whole of Egypt to the God Taaut to be his kingdom. All these things were first recorded by the seven sons of Sydk, the Cabiri, and their eighth brother, Asclepius, as it was commanded them by the God Taaut."

Now I-EM-HOTEP was called the Son of PTAH.THis would mean that the other Seven Sons of Sydek, the Cabiri or the Corybantes, were also the Sons of Ptah, and therefore that Sydek, is the Phoenician form of Ptah - who becomes Hephaistos to the Greeks, and later Vulcan to the Romans.

In some pictures there are seven Pelican chicklets - which if seen as the classic seven metals equated to the seven planets - would explain how the streams of blood then penetrate the metals.

Walt Disney - e.g. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.