I for one belong to the Old School, who believe that Astrological Science is for the benefit of humanity not a mass marketable commodity. ASTROLOGY on the Web is vast and a highly confusing affair. Every degree of contamination is present. Here are some Sites that come highly recommended and follow the Links, if not the Yellow Brick Road!


Project Hindsight - The Golden Hind Press - is an enterprise for the restoration of the ancient roots of astrology and the exploration of its far ranging implications in the other disciplines including: Philosophy, History, Science, Epistemology and Mysticism.

 The History of Astrology - House and Aspect Words - Another View by Robert Hand Part III What did the Egyptians add to Babylonian astrology? We cannot say for certain, but internal evidence indicates the following. The use of a rising degree may or may not have been found.

David Pingree | An Indiana Jones of mathematics David Pingree is Brown's rare sleuth, exploring the history of mathematics By Richard P. Morin. David Pingree is also one of the greatest Historians of Astrology. This article helps us to get to know this remarkable scholar.

Introduction to Classical Natal Astrology. Introduction to the History of Astrology: The Major Contributions of Babylonian, Greek, Arab,...

From the Omens of Babylon by Michael Baigent Date published: 1/9/94 The compelling tale of how our modern world has been influenced by Babylonian astrology and magic.The oldest known astrological book in existence was written in Babylonia in the...

LINKS TO ASTROLOGY AND THE APOCALYPSE - LINKS TO THE HISTORY OF ASTROLOGY AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Resources - scholarly references to published and Internet materials concerning the Book of Revelation in New Testament. Apocalypse of St. John ...

LINKS TO THE HISTORY OF ASTROLOGY AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Resources - scholarly references to published and Internet materials concerning the Book of Revelation in New Testament. Apocalypse of St. John ...

Babylonian Birth Omens - I was doing some research on Babylonian astrology, and came across this lovely little set of omens. It is read that a child born when the specified planet has just come forth will indicate a certain kind of life. Sadly the site disappeared, but see:

1.  Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology:    A History of Astral Prediction from Antiquity to Newton1.  



RENAISSANCE ASTROLOGY - Wonderful site with plenty to explore:

A very useful article:

The Astrological Association of Great Britain Journal Page 

Has man valuable articles.  You may read the very important article: . 

The Picatrix: Lunar Mansions In Western Astrology by Ian Freer : September/October 1995 Vol. 37, No.5

And while on the Subject of PICATRIX - I have a chance to study the magnificent work on Harran by Tamara Green. The Picatrix has been traced to the Sabians of Harran.

Green, Tamara M. The City of the Moon God ; Religious Traditions of Harran, Religions in the Graeco-Roman World [formerly EPRO] Vol. 114 (NY, Leiden, Koeln: E. J. Brill, 1992) A good recent book on Harran and it's astral cultus in the Later Roman Empire. Good bibliography.


Bouche'-Leclercq's magnificent L'Astrologie grecque - certainly one of the most important books on the History of Astrology has now been translated by Dr. L.Ness - and made available in a rough draft, has unfortunately disappeared off the web. If anyone finds it please let me know. . 

Other material that I have just xeroxed and am in the process of digesting:

Hopkins, Clark, Astrological Interpretations of Some Phoenician Bowls, Journal of Near Eastern Studies 24, 1965. 28 - 36

 Hartner, Willy, The Earliest History of The Constellations in the Near East and The Motif of The Lion-Bull Combat, Journal of Near Eastern Studies , 24, 1965, 1-16.

Rochberg-Halton, Francesca, "New Evidence for the History of Astrology," Journal of Near Eastern Studies 43 (1984): pages 115-140 {The text of an Achaemenian period tablet BM36746 and an explanation of how it bridges gap between mesopotamian and Greek astrology. Very important! Rochberg- Halton has done path-breaking research in recent years on Mesopotamian scientific astrology, particularly with practices hitherto known only in Hellenistic versions.} [Notes by Lester Ness from his Bibliography of The History of Astrology.]

ASTROLOGY - DARBY COSTELLO   -   Darby is publishing material and very active - this is one article on the Web.