Joseph Campbell:

"The titans, dwarfs, and giants are represented as the powers of an earlier mythological age - crude and loutish, egoistic and lawless, in contrast to the comely gods, whose reign of heavenly order harmoniously governs the world of nature and man."

[Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.]

"Titans were imagined as Giants; in fact, the popular imagination, says Roscher, 2 never distinguished between Giants and Titans."

James Hillman, And Huge is Ugly, Resurgence, No.134.


This is already Olympian Patriarchal propaganda


"...the anvil dropped from the sky falls for nine nights, and on the tenth it reaches the earth; and likewise it falls nine nights and days from the earth, and on the tenth day it reaches Tartaros. Tartaros is surrounded by an iron wall. Three times this stronghold is encompassed by Night. Over it grew the roots of the earth and sea. Within it the Titans are hidden in darkness, and can never escape; for it was Poseidon who set the iron doors around them. As trusty guardians, appointed by Zeus, dwell there Gyes, Kottos, and Briareos."

Kerenyi, Gods,Stories of the Titans, Typhoeus or Typhon, Zeus, and Aigupan..

It is interesting to note that Tartaros is surrounded by an iron wall. Prometheus too, is bound by metal, crafted by the god of Fire himself, Hephaistos.

Is this saying that the titanic is contained by the metallic? The titanic exists on a mineralogical level. From a strange perspective this would apply to the titanic propensities of the mining houses - who are responsible, for much of the genocide and assassinations in the world today.

From an even more extra-ordinary level - it is the body of Gaia, the Great Mother Earth, from which these metals are extracted - by titanic activities.