A. K. Coomaraswamy, "Angel and Titan : an Essay in Vedic Ontology," Journal of the American Orient. Soc., LV, 1935, p. 418 f. interprets Garuda and Naga as "outward opposition of the separated principles" of the powers of Light and the powers of Darkness.

 TITANS  - On this subject; re: the Hillman article, I have gone through a Titanic phase, and the Gods must return - to heal the severing and dismembering that has taken place.



"...the anvil dropped from the sky falls for nine nights, and on the tenth it reaches the earth; and likewise it falls nine nights and days from the earth, and on the tenth day it reaches Tartaros. Tartaros is surrounded by an iron wall. Three times this stronghold is encompassed by Night. Over it grew the roots of the earth and sea. Within it the Titans are hidden in darkness, and can never escape; for it was Poseidon who set the iron doors around them. As trusty guardians, appointed by Zeus, dwell there Gyes, Kottos, and Briareos."  

Kerenyi, Gods, Stories of the Titans, Typhoeus or Typhon, Zeus, and Aigupan..  


  The Titans are generated bu URANUS  - SKY and GAIA - Earth, in a set of Seven Male/Female principles. Corresponding to Saturn/Kronos are the ancient pair of:

            KRONOS         -                                RHEA  

            "Rhea married Kronos, to whom she bore three daughters and three sons: the great goddesses Hestia, Demeter, and Hera, and the great gods Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. " Kerenyi, Gods, p.19.

            There were Twelve Titans, six male, six female: 

































              COEUS and PHOEBE (Moon) generate LATONA  - LAT, who generates Apollo and Diana(Artemis), the Solar & Lunar Twins.

            "Hercules did indeed become Lord of the Zodiac, the Titan astronomer who he superseded was CAOEUS ( alias THOTH), not Atlas." Graves, 1.3 and 133.3

                        As we see/ will see in the BES -ALL GOD symbol, the Uroboros has to be considered within general Typhonic symbolism. It contains all the Typhonic/Chthonic/Titanic qualities within its encircling. It emerges at the deepest layers of consciousness.



"The titans, dwarfs, and giants are represented as the powers of an earlier mythological age - crude and loutish, egoistic and lawless, in contrast to the comely gods, whose reign of heavenly order harmoniously governs the world of nature and man." Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

            This is already Olympian Patriarchal propaganda



TYPHON, was born AFTER the Titans were banished.

"Typhon is the passionate and titanic and reasonless  and impulsive aspect of the soul..."&c Mead.

The TITANS dismember Dionysos. Therefore Titanic is essential a Typhonic Energy.

            TARTAROS is Hell, the place whence the Titans were banned/banished/exiled. TARTARUGA is a TORTOISE, it is the 'Shell' of Existence.


"Titans were first introduced into poetry by Homer, who says they are gods in Tartaros: the verses are in Hera's oath."

                        Pausanias 8, v.37,5.

This Homeric source is in the Illiad, 14,278f.

For the Titans, see Hesiod's THEOGONY.


Faber, vol.ii,p.277 gives the following Hymn to the Titans by the Orphic poet:


"All hail, ye Titans, children of the earth

And starry heaven, of our departed fires

The illustrious progenitors! Ye, who dwell

Within the deep recesses of the earth,

The gloomy realms of Tartarus, all hail!

From you the toiling race of hapless men

Deduce their ancestry; from you the birds,

The scaly tenants of the briny deep,

The beasts of earth, and all the generations

of living things, their origin derive."

  (Check to see if Thomas Taylor translated this Orphic Hymn in Raine...)

Jane Harrison, in 'Themis' says:

  "The new gods stood on Olympus and the Titans on the older religious seat, Thessalian Othyrs."  

            OTHYRS, says Lempriere, is a mountain, or rather a chain of mountains in Thessaly, the residence of the Centaurs. See: Strabo 9; Herodotus 7,c.129; Virgil, Aenid.7,v.675

            Also in Thessaly and perhaps on the Othyrs chain, is Mount Pelion, the home of the wise old Centaur Cheiron. Pelion may be related to PELOR one of the men who sprung from the teeth of the Dragon killed by Cadmus. See: Pausanias 9,c.5.


"On the sixth century B.C. the Orphic theologian and poet Onomakritos had already undertaken, surely not without reason and evidently not without success, to identify the Titans with the Kabeiroi. He attributed the murder and dismemberment of the child Dionysus to the Titans."


            Here we see the Titans as the murderers of Dionysos, or the Cretan Zeus in his form of Zagreus. This is an Orphic symbol. The Titans, as Dismemberers, perform the same task as Typhon to Osiris in the Egyptian Myth.

            Pausanias continues:

"Onamakritos took the name of Titans from Homer for the revels of Dionysos he composed; he made the Titans responsible for Dionysos's suffering."

  Were not Titanic energies responsible for the Crucifixion of Christ?Is all Martyrdom (Arcanum 12) precipitated by a Titanic  cause?

*.*.Notes:Levi: "Onamakritos was an Athenian religious and ritual poet; he lived at the end of the sixth century and got into trouble for forging an oracle."See: Herodotus 7,6


Kerenyi, mentioning the inscription of Imbros:

"...which, in an invocation of the Kabeiroi, lists the Hesiodic series of the great Titans, the sons of Uranos, with the exception of Okeanos: Kois, Krios, Hyperion, Iapetos, Kronos."  Kerenyi, Prometheus, p. 57.) quoting:  (Inscriptiones Graecae XII, 8 74 p. 33.)

Sanchonianthon: S.D. vol.i,pp.110,340; vol.ii, pp. 692, 490 on Aeon, Time, 392,342,361.  

Note: The Lightning of the new Ruler, Zeus was the overwhelming factor in his Battle with the Titans. What does this say.


"... received Thunder and Lightning out of the depths, from the Kyklopes whom he had freed. In any case, the Sons of Heaven and Earth were defeated with the help of Gaia and her sons, who were Sons of Earth and Heaven."

                                    Kerenyi, Gods.