Something is wrong. I am confused.

"…Christianity was mainly interested in repressing the chthonic gods and the emotions they constellate. In the realm of images, the repression was concentrated on the great god Pan, who came to personify the Christian devil. This meant that the Titans - who for the Greeks, personified evil, so to say - went unchecked, and thus what they represent in human nature was no longer reflected upon and, in the course of Western culture, got out of hand." Lopez-Pedraza, p.8.

In other words, Christianity let the titanic cat out of the bag.

We know that over the so-called Christian era - corresponding in astrological terms with the Age of Pisces - it is the God Pan, or more exactly, Dionysus, Christianity with its images of the Devil.

What concerns me, is that the Titans, or Titanism is now the new demonic!

We have to be careful of falling into dualistic traps.

By a denial of Titanism, by a denial of a titanic archetype, we deny the fact that we have titanic propensities, and we close the door to the eventual transformation of these energies.

"The Titans had no rites, no cult, and so they remained marginal to Greek cultural life with its images and forms."

Says Rafael Lopez-Pedraza.

According to the analysis that Zeus-Jupiter is nurtured by Nature, and is therefore, quintessentially Nature itself, the Zeusian Matrix of Nature would be polarized by the Titanic, who, in the case of Dionysus, dismember the Gods.

Zeus is not dismembered.

Osiris, Orpheus, Attys, Adonis and others are dismembered.

We would have to do an exhaustive survey of dismemberment in mythology, as a motif, and also continue this research into that reservoir of imaginal and mythical material, alchemy, where the myths take on new clothing, in new environments.

The Titanic dismembers Nature.

Now if we place this is context of Global Warming, the Ozone hole, and ecological genocide - it says that the Titanic energies are only concerned with the eventual destruction of Nature itself - of Life, Zoe itself. The intelligence of this strategy is perfectly expressed in the AIDS virus, and perhaps in CANCER, and takes us into the realm of lethal substances such as Uranium and Plutonium, which via the nuclear industry are also responsible for genetic deformities. To this we can add the titanic programs of cloning, genetic engineering and the other horrors that Hillman reminds us of.

The only conclusion that one can come to, is that the Titans are in control of this planet - or at least, they think they are.

We must never forget that Prometheus is, was titanic.

The titanic must be placed alongside the Promethean. Perhaps we have to distinguish between a positive and a negative Prometheanism. Which would suggest that Titanism too, has its good points.