Alain de Lille, a 12th century theologian, borrowing from the Corpus Hermeticum of the 3rd Century:

"God is an intelligible sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere."

While Giordano Bruno wrote:

"We can assert with certainty that the universe is all centre, or that the centre of the universe is everywhere and its circumference is nowhere."

            Pascal used the following words:

"God is a circle; His centre is everywhere, His circumference is nowhere."

Or in another translation:

            "Nature is an infinite sphere whose centre is everywhere, whose circumference is nowhere."

And in his short story: 'The Library of Babel', J.L.Borjes plays with the idea:

"The library is a sphere whose exact centre is in any one of the hexagons and whose circumference is inaccessible."

Circle and Centre,

"The famous saying that God is "a sphere of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere" is, in fact, first found in a pseudo-Hermetic treatise of the twelth century, and was transferred by Cusanus to the universe, as a reflection of God, in a manner which is Hermetic in spirit..This concept was basic for Bruno, for whom the innumerable worlds are all divine centres of the unbounded universe."

Yates, Bruno, p. 247.

The Liber XXIV philosophorum, published by Clemens Baeumker, Das pseudi.hermetische Buch der XXIV Meister, Beitrage zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologue des Mittelalters, fasc.xxv, Munster, 1928.

The source of Cusanus, is: De docta ignorantia, II, cap.2; cf.Koyre, op. cit., pp. 10ff.


            Sphere and Centre, GBG, p. 186.



If we look at the embellishment of the centre, the cherry, as Gombrich illustrates, the centre stage, we are looking as well at all other centres -  for example for symbol of the centre, par excellence, that of the Sun,  or the disc of Ra, flanked by serpents and outstretched wings.

Symbolic Centres of the Earth

Heliopolis, Mecca, Bodh Gaya, Jerusalem and so forth.


Rundle Clarke continues:

"So the Phoenix came from the far-away world of eternal life, bringing the message of light and life to a world wrapped in the helplessness of the primeval night. Its flight is the width of the world:

'over oceans, seas and rivers,' (45) to land, at last, in Heliopolis, the symbolic centre of the earth where it will announce the new age.We are told that 'the watchers tremble' with joy when they behold it coming, with the assurance that creation is still active and the world is not yet to be reabsorbed into the Abyss. It is for this reason that Atum can say, in Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead:


Boas, The Hieroglyphics of Horappolo, Note ?.

"That Egypt is in the middle of the earth is an old idea, which may also be found in the Hermetica. See especially Stobaeus, I, 45 (992): "Since in the middle of the earth lies the most holy land of our forefathers and the middle of the human body is the shrine of the heart alone,"etc. (ed.Meineke,I,p.303).



            This series of quotations shows in closer detail, the Hermetic transmission in Europe, and especially through Florence.

    "Out of this little point, says Dorn, in his "Physica Genesis," the wisdom of God made with the creative word the "huge machine of the world."


    "O wondrous wisdom, which by a word alone was able to bring into being every part of the vast and weighty mass of this huge machine that hath been made since creation."

            Dorn, 'Theatricum Chemicum.'

            Here the point, or centre is seen as a seed of sound.

            Besides Dorn, Michael Maier, Dr John Dee, Moses de Leon, Kandinsky, Klee and C.C.Jung contain extensive material on the Centre/Point.

            Plate 121 of 'Yoga Art' by Ajit Mookerjee is 'Gift', by Kenneth Nolan (1961-62.):

  "The centre of every target is the 'Gold'. Here Kenneth Nolan offers two depths of symbolic gold, emblem of the Supreme Light that imbues natural light. Gold is the maximum light of the red arm of the colour series. White is the light of the blue arm. The yellow field is the earthly tint which invites us to approach the figures of light. Here we see colour symbolism re-enforcing the meaning."

            Eliphas Levi continues:

"There is light in gold, gold in light, and light in all things."

            GOLD is MALKUTH on The Tree of Life in the Kabala.

            In the Minor Arcana of the Tarot Cards, Gold, the Sun is:

            EXALTATION          Aries - Transformation -           Taste.

            RULERSHIP            Leo -    Happiness -      Love - Inspiration.

            ILLUMINATION      Sagittarius -      Victory -  Smell - Electro-magnetic body.

            Extend the Red-arm of the Colour Series.

            Some observations on the CENTRE, POINT, or GOLD.

            From the PAUL KLEE MATERIAL the Centre is usually represented as a hole, i.e. the point where a dimensional quality on another plane opens up. An escape route - this is similar to the "breaking through the fabric' idea.

See: liturgical Cross - CONG, in Ireland, where the Centre is marked by a precious Stone.