Red (Female)

White (Male Seed)

From this original couple, the White and the Red, evolves a series of interwoven triangles, four male (upward pointing) and five female (downward pointing) SRI YANTRA.

Are therefore, the Four Upward Pointing Male Triangles White and the Five Downward Pointing Female Triangles Red?


"This universe is made up of nine triangles, four with upward-pointing apices that represent purusha, or pure consciousness, and five with their apices turned downward in the yoni configuration of prakriti.

The circle within the circle, however, may represent the potential within manifestation of the unmanifest. It is a diagram of the coiled energy: the Kundalini shakti, the serpent form symbolizing the female energy that resides at the base of the spine and which on its arousal and upward path through the subtle body permits the individual's journey through the sphere of manifest form into the unenclosed space of liberation.

Power over the manifest world is denoted by the square: the stable linear form representing the Earth. The square is itself a variation of the mandala, with each side equidistant from its centre. The four equal sides represent the gates to the four quarters of the fourfold mind, leading from the Earth to the worlds beyond.

In the operation of all Yogic truth, the degree of personal relevance will depend on the degree of individual insight.It requires a unique combination of objective and subjective cognitive methods, and their successful fusion.

The interlock of opposing triangles mutually centred on the bindu represents the ideal coincidence of subject and object, self and other, energy and its receptacle, organically related by one and the same nucleus. The diagram describes equally the point of genesis and the point of parturition.

This reconciliation is also expressed by the three-dimensional egg-shape of the Brahmanda ('Egg of Brahma') and globe of the shalagrama. Each of these is a single form whose inner turgidity indicates that it is pregnant with duality."

See also the Crystal Ball of fortune-telling, and the Royal Orb.

"Contemplating the egg-shaped Brahmanda and the flattened globe of the shalagrama the yogi-artist strives to mentally release the symbols imprisoned in the stone. Matter in simple form is made to offer to view its intrinsic nature. As the eye of the discoverer takes possession of it, what is inert becomes alive; the formless gains a time-element, a dimension, a permanent shape, the abstraction of which moves towards the incorporation of spatial values conditioned by auditory and visual vibration."



Fields of energy and their interference patterns.The lotuses are 'STRUNG" on the shining filament of the Central Shushumma.