attach, thread together, knit, sew, stitch, draw together, etc. connecting, medium, rope, cord, string, strand, CHAIN - THREAD. Fibre, tape, ribbon, band YARN, twine, twist, LINE (203)


1st: we deal with LINE. Path, Ways. A Path is the shortest distance between two points.

2nd: FORM. Maps, Images.

3rd: TEXTURE. Aesthetics.

A thread - line as continuity can also be a path or road, as in maps.

All information presented in seed-form, open images, to be matured and ripened by the group, data collection and experience.

CARTOGRAPHY is the Art of drawing up maps. Everything pertaining to this Art is called CARTOGRAPHIC, a maker of maps, charts, and one who draws up maps is a CARTOGRAPHER.

In a sense, Maps of Consciousness, Mind Maps, psycho-cartographic and meta-cartographic Work is all related to the Archetype of The Way, The Journey. This is, in turn, the three facets that crop up in the definition of Tantra as: Starting point, or Ground; The Path, and The Goal. And also to the Vehicles, the Yanas.

In this connexion, we can carry the analogy further, to the need for Signs along the Way.


The way OUT is actually the Way IN! Outer reality - Inner reality = EXIT.

Superman Krypton - Major Tom. 2001. Westward Ho the Wagons! The Odyssey, by Kazantzakis. Journeys. Space Cowboys. Voortrekkers. Avante Garde.

Each Life is a Path, a journey to the Core.

Time has Three Folds - Past, Present and Future.

LADDER = 10 = Uranus = Tread Wheel = YOD = Change = Flame -

This is possibly the psychopomp, or psychogogue - the Leader of the Soul out of the body and back again. In the Mysteries, all Initiations, or processes of Transformation, are undertaken in units of three ( see Arcanum 3 and Shadrach, Abnegedo and Meshach in the Fire). Three would be a TRIANGLE, a structure related to yantric necessity of the process. The travelling companion is also needed for the Journey into the Inner Reality. Lilly writes:

"Deep and basic interlock between selected computers is needed for this exploration."



This forms a Triad of the Three Highest Principles of the Tree of the Sephira Tetsirah, that is:

KETHER The Underworld or: Pluto - Earth, Hell, Unconsciousness.

BINAH Earth or: Neptune, Water, Ocean, Subconsciousness.

HOKMAH Heaven or: Uranus, Air, Sky, Consciousness.

It is Saturn/Kronos who separates Heaven and Earth by castrating Uranus; Kronos as TIME, guarding the Doors to KETHER, BINAH and HOKMAH, obstructing and changing.

Sitting in the front of the cinema and the back of the theatre (cheap seats) also indicates use of polarities on the Outer Fringes, e.g. Plutonic - Inhabitors of the Lands of the Outer Borders. Liminality.

Then also colour inter-connecting lines on the London Tube, fade out as the black outer extremities are reached, i.e. the Rainbow - High Energy - Multi-colours are to found within the dense energies of the Centre. See also Alan Watts thermostat example.