Dream structure - anima / ying - anumus / yang etc.

can be placed on the Three Levels of Secret, Inner and Outer namthars,

3 Kabbalistic Worlds, 3 Khayas etc.

So the following models emerge:


Which is the Rainbow Cake Archetype! Or, the Wedding Cake:

Also we have the Seven Rooms, one above the other, in The Chemical Wedding, and on TOP of the Wedding Cake, the couple, Yab Yum. Thus the Holy Royal King and Queen are United on at the top of the Seventh Chamber, i.e. like a Mandala with the Deity and Consort, in Union at the Centre, which is at the same time, the Pinnacle.

21st December 1979

The question arises: "If one has no phenomena on the spiritual path, does this mean that success is escaping."

Besides the structures that emerge through dreams - the creation of yantra by analogy of FORM

[analogical formations]

can be seen in the following examples:

Glass Bead Game, p. 80.

Knecht makes a yantra of the music which appears in his dream that night.

By placing Slide Y1 over Y2 = the shapes of a Nebula are the same as the shapes of the motility coagulated into chakras (see diagram).


Some are three-fold - 3 symbolic of Generation and Fertility.

One within the other - in plan the Russian Dolls look like this - and this plan is a yantra -

The Mandala Offering : is a three-tiered structure - which in more complex plans is:

the Mandala proper, the STUPA, the PAGODA, CHORTEN etc.

The Pyramids of Egypt, Babylonia, Mexico and Peru etc … the same shape occurs in the

WEDDING CAKE, or in reverse, and hanging:

THE CHANDELIER, and in some cases:


Meeting: The Stalictites and Stalimites

These are Yantric analogies!

Meta. prog. the Human Biocomputer -

ZARDOZ - Crystal Tabernacle -

Alaya Vijnana - Universal Store House Consciousness…

Tarot Systems of Analogy

Tantra - weaving/thread definition

BEAD - MALA = Glass -diamond - crystal -

DHARANI - rosary - Krishna's string of beads of the different planets …