Nilsson says "The mother disappears from the scene." In the analysis of Grimm's 'The Three Feathers' by M.L. von Franz, we have the same situation - which can also be applied generally to Fairy Tales - the absecence of the feminine principle - which has to be redeemed from a subterranean realm ruled by FROGS!

But in the Myth of the Birth of Zeus - the Mother does not actually disappear - she changes modality. The maternal, nurturing aspect, is replaced by the animal kingdom, which performs the function of suckling the children of the gods, in various instances. Likewise, in that Mother of All Myths, The Garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve, it is a Garden, with Fruit and a Serpent to which Eve turns. We use the term: Mother Nature. Rhea, the Great Mother of Zeus, nurtures him in her form of Mistress of The Beasts, and Mother of the Plants. This much is clear from the First Emblem of Maichael Maier's 'Atalanta Fugiens'.

By association we can extend these facts: If Zeus is born from and nurtured by - The Great Mother of Nature - this indicates his Nature as well. And in fact, Zeus manifests in many natural forms: Eagle, Swan, Cloud, Thunder, etc.

If we see Zeus-Jupiter as 'The Hierophant' as in the Sacred Tarot - Religion - then we can say that Religion is Nurtured and Born from Nature - and logically that this Religion is the Great Mother, Gaia.

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