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“The Orphic story tells of the dismemberment of the infant Dionysus by the Titans at the instigation of the goddess Hera. Proclus saw in the scattered members of the god the multiple ubiquity of Plato’s “anima mundi,” and he saw in the preservation of the infant’s heart the soul’s unity; the Dionysian heart remained unaffected by the cruelty of the Titans. I associate the Titans with technique: they are the fabulous technicians, the mythical surgeons that operate the dismemberment and scatter soul into the world. Without them, Dionysus, reputed to be the god of theatre, would have remained a baby-god, and imagination would have remained in the crib, identified with the infant, as it remains for so many today. Titanic cruelty tears this baby-imagination apart, boils it, and casts it out into the world. The egocentric, unified imaginal body of the infant is torn into its different components, differentiated. Titans were said to have souls of steel, which fits our image of technique: the hard, arid, steel-like, analytic dissociation drills that actors are put through in “object-metaphor” exercises are a titanic endeavor, tearing apart the infant’s subjective vision, its innocent wholesome body, so that it may see the world, and even his own members, as “other.”

Enrique Pardo, “Pan’s “Theatre of the World”, Spring Journal 1989, pp. 76 -84.

 Dear Friends,

Herewith attached is an article by James Hillman, called 'AND HUGE IS UGLY.' Though some aspects of this lecture, which was given to the Schumacher Society, and published in RESURGENCE MAGAZINE, [No. 134] - have already dated - I still think it remains, one of the most valuable cries from the late-20th century that I have ever read.  I am by no means in agreement with everything that James Hillman says - but there are some very powerful core ideas, that still need amplification, attention and action.  I thought I would invite your responses, questions, networking and contributions, as you absorb this fascinating piece of thinking - and we could gather all this material, plus commentaries from myself, on a page on one of my Websites. 
Using HYPERLINKS - I will add material that can help to amplify the ideas - for example, the bibliographic reference to Kerenyi on Prometheus.
Anyhow, these are a few ideas - let me know how you feel… here some of the FEEDBACK

The original project is dated: July 06, 2001